Saturday, September 27, 2008

Fun in the Forums

I like to frequent the Etsy forums to keep up to date on the happenings on Etsy. Today I ventured into the "Critique" section. One post that caught my eye was a thread solely geared towards giving shops BAD critiques. Sounded like fun to me--- Click! You were only suppose to critique the shop above you but somehow I got like 3-4 critiques. I received pretty much the same critiques from all....fix the photos! They are washed out and i need to rethink my background. I guess I'll be busy retaking lots of photos in the next few days. Anyone have a background suggestions? If you do please leave me a comment!

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  1. don't worry too much about having to retake photos...i did the same thing....i went with the white background's great with these "paper goods" items that are busy in of themselves..i have used some quite patterned paper for some buttons and other photos are a constant work in process!


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