Saturday, November 21, 2009

Design Team Memeber

Hi everyone! I've got some GREAT news. I am now officially a Design Team Member for

For my first project I used the Christmas Reindeer digistamp and the Candy House digistamp.

Here is what I did:

Candy House:
This is a cute gift bag made out of an envelope!

I colored in the Candy House digistamp house using Copic Markers. I only have the basic 12 color set right now but I really think they are awesome markers.

I added glitter to look like snow on the ground and on the tops of the candy canes. I also used fine glitter on the smoke coming out of the chimney.

I used red and white polka dotted ribbon for the bow on the front and for the handle on the bag. To add the handles I attached grommets to the sides of the bags, threaded the ribbon through and tied a knot on the inside of the bag
I had a cute candy cane button that I used to embellish the bow. I thought I tied in nicely with the candy canes on the stamp!

Christmas Reindeer:
I made a cute gift tag using traditional and non-traditional colors!

I used Copic Markers to also color in the reindeer and fussy cut him out. If you look closely there is glitter on his antlers, chest and blanket. He's edged with ink (as well as the red tag). I attached him with pop-ups to give dimension.

Stitching and stickles glitter glue was added to the green and blue polka dotted paper under the reindeer to give some texture. Edges were inked.
I love flowers and I stacked teal and red together with a pewter brad and added it to the tag with a zots dot.
Finally a grosgrain brown stitched ribbon was added! Fun!

I'll be doing more fun projects in the upcoming months so keep a lookout!

Go check out Jenn Nilsson's Etsy shop Fairy Land Dreams to get some awesome digistamps for yourself!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Gorgeous Digital Paper

If you're looking for some gorgeous digital paper head on over to


Jen has created some oh-so-wonderful paper packs you can purchase for just $5.00!

There are fourteen papers to a pack and you get to print them as many times as you want.

This "Mod Holiday" design is my favorite:

{Circles, stripes and..... PINK!}

So, run on over to her Etsy shop and tell her Patrice sent ya!
She'll treat you like a queen {or king}!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Speakin' of Minty....

{Refer to blog post November 2, 2009 for more info on Minty}

So, remember how I said I often dream about my best friends? Yeah, had one last night about Minty. Read on....

We were both walking to a hospital or surgery center of some sort. She was going because there was something wrong with her chin and she needed to get it fixed. She didn't want to have the surgery because she thought it would mess up her lower lip and she liked the way her lower lip looked.

Me? I was going to have surgery on my knees. I had to bring some 'special' centipede-like bugs that were needed for the surgery{for their guts, if I remember right} and I was cupping them in my hands. The bugs were in cocoons or something at first but then they started coming out of the cocoons and escaping through my fingers.

They started flying and crawling away and I frantically tried to catch them. We made it to the receptionist area of the hospital/surgery center and I told the women behind the counter that the bugs needed for my surgery were escaping!

That's it.
End of Dream

Don't you hate it when:
  1. You have a weird dream and
  2. It just ends?
Me too.

Well, I'll just leave you with this:


Oh my.

I'm lovin' this bag.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Minty Monday

Yes, it's MINTY MONDAY! What is that you ask? Let me explain.

Growing up I had two very best friends. One of them is Minty. Real name. Not a nickname. Not short for something. Her real name.

Here are some things about Minty:
  • she has red hair
  • everyone loves her.... EVERYONE
  • she has twins {boy/girl}
  • she can sightread music like no one else
  • we went to elementary, jr. high, high school and even college together.
  • i never talk to her {well, like once a year}
OH MY GOODNESS you say? Never talk to her? I know, I know. Life happens. BUT.... I often dream about her {and my other best friend}.

Anywho....long story short {pffft} I am doing a 'Minty Monday'. Just some items I found on Etsy that are 'minty' and cute. It's cool because you can do a search for 'minty' and come up with tons of stuff. Not so much with 'patrice'. Eh.

On with the show.

{1} Cute tags by Peek-A-Boo Productions

{2} Fun feather by Chrissy's Creations

{3} Whimsical lampwork beads by Crafted Gems

{4} Amazing acorn earrings by Red Heart 13

They all equal {Love} in my heart!