Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Birthday Girl

Today is my little girl's birthday.  
She's turning 6. 
Her name is Sasha so I found some cute 
things on Etsy that have to do with the name 

First we have Sasha the Lioness.  Sometimes my Sasha has a lioness attitude.

My Sasha loves to draw.  One of her favorite things to draw are mermaids.  
Here is the "Sasha Blue" mermaid.

And finally we have this beautiful silk organza and french lace flower clip.  

These things are pretty girly-girly and my
Sasha is girly but guess what?

She's actually going to have an
Angry Bird Birthday Party!
Go figure. :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


So, you all probably know that Picnik is shutting down {gasp!} 
BUT--- I've learned about a new site that seems just as good!!  


It was created by a couple of former Picnik engineers.

I've already played around with it a little bit and 
for being Freeeeee it's pretty amazing.

After you click to add your photo you can 
play around with a bunch of settings that
allow you to adjust your picture to your liking.

You can add text, frames, shapes, and even whiten up some teeth!

Below is a picture I uploaded and played around with.
In addition to playing around with the brightness, contrast, etc, I added some text, a heart shape, and a colored frame.

Kinda fun, huh?

Go forth and play.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Fabric Stash

So the other day I was watching Law & Order on my computer and I thought to myself:

"I should do something productive while watching this show."

I knew I couldn't do something that was too mentally intensive 'cause if I miss one word of the show I'm lost! 

Well, I decided to fold my fabric stash!  

Since I was sitting at the computer I did a little Google search and found a few sites that gave instruction on how to fold fabric. Yeah... didn't realized there are DoZeNs of ways you can fold/organize your fabric!

I liked this tutorial and got to work.  A few hours later and my fabric looked like this: 

Nice and neat!  Doll pattern found here

Kinda pretty to look at, huh?  
I encourage you all to tidy up that sewing area 
with a little fabric folding!! :)  

Let me know if you do!