Monday, November 2, 2009

Minty Monday

Yes, it's MINTY MONDAY! What is that you ask? Let me explain.

Growing up I had two very best friends. One of them is Minty. Real name. Not a nickname. Not short for something. Her real name.

Here are some things about Minty:
  • she has red hair
  • everyone loves her.... EVERYONE
  • she has twins {boy/girl}
  • she can sightread music like no one else
  • we went to elementary, jr. high, high school and even college together.
  • i never talk to her {well, like once a year}
OH MY GOODNESS you say? Never talk to her? I know, I know. Life happens. BUT.... I often dream about her {and my other best friend}.

Anywho....long story short {pffft} I am doing a 'Minty Monday'. Just some items I found on Etsy that are 'minty' and cute. It's cool because you can do a search for 'minty' and come up with tons of stuff. Not so much with 'patrice'. Eh.

On with the show.

{1} Cute tags by Peek-A-Boo Productions

{2} Fun feather by Chrissy's Creations

{3} Whimsical lampwork beads by Crafted Gems

{4} Amazing acorn earrings by Red Heart 13

They all equal {Love} in my heart!


  1. Awesome the items you showcased! Thanks!

  2. Minty is such a cool name:) I love your picks they're all so very nice!


Patrice thanks you for your comments!