Saturday, November 7, 2009

Speakin' of Minty....

{Refer to blog post November 2, 2009 for more info on Minty}

So, remember how I said I often dream about my best friends? Yeah, had one last night about Minty. Read on....

We were both walking to a hospital or surgery center of some sort. She was going because there was something wrong with her chin and she needed to get it fixed. She didn't want to have the surgery because she thought it would mess up her lower lip and she liked the way her lower lip looked.

Me? I was going to have surgery on my knees. I had to bring some 'special' centipede-like bugs that were needed for the surgery{for their guts, if I remember right} and I was cupping them in my hands. The bugs were in cocoons or something at first but then they started coming out of the cocoons and escaping through my fingers.

They started flying and crawling away and I frantically tried to catch them. We made it to the receptionist area of the hospital/surgery center and I told the women behind the counter that the bugs needed for my surgery were escaping!

That's it.
End of Dream

Don't you hate it when:
  1. You have a weird dream and
  2. It just ends?
Me too.

Well, I'll just leave you with this:

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