Thursday, April 2, 2009

Tulips All Year Long

I saw this cute tutorial on how to make paper tulips while reading one of the many blogs I stalk.

I love tulips.

In fact, I love them so much I didn't bother digging up the bulbs last fall when my husband and I laid landscaping fabric and shredding bark on all the beds in our yard. Then a few weeks ago I noticed the fabric bulging up and couldn't figure out why.

After a moment or two of stupor I realized my poor tulips {and daffodils and crocus} were diligently trying to break their way out of the fabric to see the sun. I was able to free them by cutting a hole in the landscaping fabric.

{Yeah, I do NOT have a green thumb, unlike my mother who can bring a plant back from the dead. I'm not even kidding}

Anyway- I thought the paper tulip flowers were so cute and simple to make I thought I'd post the link to the tutorial here. Go and have fun with some paper! {I've got more REAL flowers to save.}

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  1. I love tulips too! These are really cute ideas! :)


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