Monday, February 8, 2010

Love is in the Air

Valentine's Day is almost here!

I'm excited this year because my daughter and I get to make Valentine's for her pre-school friends.

I found a cute project for us to make on another blog. Take a look!

What will your little one be giving out for Valentine's this year??


  1. LOVE THIS. You have to tell me where you saw this.

  2. For Valentine's this year, I tried to control costs with some DIY gourmet marshmallows. I made a batch with two flavors, rose and chocolate. The rose was a disaster, due to some confusion on my part about the nature of rose water vs. rose syrup (I ended up with air freshners rather than candy) but the chocolates were perfect! You can see them on my flickr page if you want!
    I've already made a second batch, chocolate orange and coconut (No more rose for awhile, my kitchen still smells like them).

  3. Kristine - There is a link in the post to the blog I found the cute cotton candy ice cream cone. Here is is:

    Sarah - mmmm! Sound delicious! Sorry about the 'rose' mishap! :)


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