Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Handmade Goodness

I've been meaning to spotlight a few of the hundreds of talented Etsian on my blog for quite some time now. Well, the time has come. Get ready for some AmAzInG talent!

First off we have the most darling (in my honest opinion) prints ever!!

Ummm...can you be in love with a drawing?!?!? Cause I love this cutie!!
Each print shows her wearing a famous designers outfit. I want one of each print!

This one is of Plasterdoll wearing DKNY. Fabulous isn't she? Don't you just love the band-aide? All of her prints show her with her signature band-aide. I guess she bumped her plaster head and got an owie.....

Next up we have Sparkle the Henryrabbit. These cute little rabbits are made with minky fabric and look soooo incredibly soft! I must have one...maybe this one? There are lots of other henryrabbits for sale. You know how rabbits are....multiply very quickly!

I'm definitely impressed with the soap makers on Etsy. Just look at these yummy soaps!
This first one is made by sudzandbubbles and looks like a real piece of pie! MMMmmmmm.. I'm thinking I would just want to look and admire this one instead of use it! :)

And these soaps are just great for Christmas! They are mistletoe and peppermint stick flavors and you can get them from sunbasilgarden . How festive!

Finally we have this darling little "Cutie Doll" made by yuyuart. She is made from Australia merino wool and stand just six inches tall. Just look at all the details. Soooo cute!

I am always amazed at the talented artist work I see on Etsy. I love it!


  1. Every single one is adorable! Thanks for the introductions to those adorable shops!

  2. Lovely have such lovely taste! Off to look at some of these goodies closer!

  3. Great features!! I tagged you on my blog!


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