Friday, November 7, 2008


Ok- based on:

1. the uncertainty of my liking the "Green" background blog template and
2. the blog comments (esp. the "pea green soup" one lol)

I am now back to my original background-I think. I'm not sure if I got all the colors right but it'll do for now! :)

Other news....

Today I made a gazillion (well dozens) of tags for my Etsy shop. They are my current obsession. I pretty much had to stay in the kitchen all day today because I was working on the whole potty training thing with my 2 1/2 year old ( figured it's much easier to clean tile than carpet). So why not just set up shop on my kitchen table (okay, who am I kidding.... there is already LOTS of my scrapbooking stuff already on the kitchen table). Figured I should make myself useful while my daughter was trying to be a "big girl" and sit on the potty.

I haven't taken pictures of all of the tags but here are a few....

For the cat and dog lover.....

If I was a seller of dog paraphernalia (thank goodness for spell checker) I would want these tags so I could include them in my customer's package with a little "Thank You" written on the back.

The other tags I made are more cutsie and Christmasy. Pictures of them to come soon!


  1. Good luck with the potty training! Your tags are cute. I want to know what crafter has a clean kitchen table (other than those with houses big enough to have a craft room)? I'm right there with you...and I'm a total neat freak!

  2. Cute tags! My roommate is very much looking forward to me clearing all the shirts and shirt making supplies off our kitchen table, chairs and kitchen counters. I work well in controlled chaos, so not for a while!

    Chick 9 Clothing

  3. Adorable tags....good luck with the potty training! I craft in my kitchen stuff takes up the counter, table, seats of the chairs, the top of the fridge for anything that needs to dry, and that wee bit o' space on top of the cookie jar! lol ;)

  4. Great tags! I love making tags too :)

  5. Absolutely Darling!! I love them! Well Done Patrice


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