Saturday, January 3, 2009

Cupcake Goodness

Lately, I've been obsessed with cupcakes. Not the ones you eat, but crafts that have images of cupcakes or look like real cupcakes. I even ordered a needle felting cupcake kit from here and make a felted cupcake!

Me: Honey, look! What is this? (Proudly holding up finished, needle felted cupcake)
Me: Honey!
Me: Randal!
Husband: oh, ummm..... an ice cream cone? (With one eye still on his computer screen)
Me: No......... it's supposed to be a cupcake.... see, look at the picture on the box. It looks EXACTLY like it. (Holding up box)
Husband: Oh....yeah...a cupcake.... (nodding with raised eyebrows)

Anywho.....I'm continuously seaching the internet for cupcake frillity (yeah, made that word up-I think). I've found a few lovely items but I want MORE. I know there is something or things out there of cupcake fashion that will just make me gasp with delight! So, on I search.

In the meantime, here are some lovelies I've found on my searching journey. Enjoy!

Heather at Heather Knitz at makes a lot of cute buttons, magnets, bookmarks, etc. with cupcake fabric. Love 'em!

Check out this darling cupcake necklace and earrings! How precious! I want! Get them at Migoto Chou on

Ok, this next one isn't actually a FAVORITE of mine but I couldn't resist posting it here. It's a fabulous painting and costs....$600.00! Ouch! Yeah.... I'M not even in love with cupcakes THAT much. But is pretty awesome and does look amazingly realistic. Find it at Thaneeya McArdle on Etsy.

Two Pink Cupcakes - Original Painting

And here is a amazing needle felted cupcake! (I definitely have to practice my felting techniques) This little beauty comes from Merry Moon's Sweets & Treats

Jumbo Needle Felted Cupcake-Pink

I actually bought a onesie from Freckled Pink on Lollishops but I didn't go for this darling cupcake one. Not too sure my hubby would want me toting around our son with a cupcake on his shirt! :)

I am a woman who can never have enough purses. In fact, I recently bought myself a PINK one the other day. With turquoise interior. Darling. But look at these cuties!

From Purseona on Etsy. Love the red and white polka dots with the pink cupcake fabric on this one.
Cherry on top cupcake handbag/ tote with Michael miller fabrics.

And from Adds To The Humor on Etsy.... more felt!

Indulgence - Chocolate Cupcake

And finally this cute, little cupcake charm from Nina Gibson Designs on Etsy. Sorry the picture is so small. Visit her store for a larger view!
Cupcake Charm

So...all I ask is that if you ever happen upon a charming cupcake creation drop me a! Thanks!!!



  1. WOW! Where's the picture of your finished felted cupcake?! Mmm. Now I want to make cupcakes. YUM!

  2. oh....I don't know if I want to embarrass myself and post a picture of it.... I'll think about it. :) heehee


  3. Patrice, I'm crazy for cupcakes too!! I wonder if it's the Lolligirl in us. Can't wait to see your felted cupcake!!

  4. Thanks so much for including my cupcake bookmark:) I *heart* cupcakes!

  5. That was so fun to look at! I am a cupcake freak myself (unfortunately the real kind, too)! Thanks for sharing!!!

  6. how funny! love all the cupcake stuff! have you seen the Stamp a Sweet Impression stamps - (from Taylored Expressions) all cupcakes!!


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