Monday, May 14, 2012

Busy Days of Spring

Wow.  Long time no see!  

Things have been a bit busy around here.  My daughter has been in a few dance competitions.  Her team did really well! So proud of her.  (She's on the bottom, right corner)

Supers Team in their "Fireball" outfits

Here's the song they danced to:
"Fireball" by Willow, Featuring Nicki Minaj

I've also done most of my flower planting for the season.  These zinnias have become my favorite!  They are called "Uproar Rose" and grow to be about 3 feet tall! 

Uproar Rose zinnia

A friend introduced them to me last year and I patiently wait until the local garden center has them in stock (usually the first week in May) and then run and buy a bunch!

Uproar Rose Zinnia

My husband (who is currently out of work O_o) has painted the family room AND bathroom for me!  The family room is this color:
Canyon Pebble by FreshAire
 and the bathroom is this color:

Terrarium by FreshAire
 I LOVE the family room color but not so much the bathroom color.  
Oh well.  It's what we had purchased awhile ago so it will have to do for now!  

He also painted all the wood fixtures and cabinets in the bathroom white!  I really like them.  We also got a new light fixture.

I pretend this is what the bathroom looks like....

BHG Bathroom

 ....but I still have some work to do on it!

I have done some sewing these past few weeks.  I'll have to post some pictures a little later!  Well, that's all I have for ya now!

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