Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rolodex Birthday Calendar

Rolodex Birthday Calendar

Awhile back I saw this cute tutorial on how to make a birthday calendar using a Rolodex. 

I pinned it on Pinterest and kept the thought tucked back in my mind for a future project.  

Fast forward several months....I just happened upon the clearance section at Jo-ann Fabrics and saw a Rolodex on clearance for $1.98.  SCORE!

There were a couple but I contained my self and only snagged one. {hehe}

So, the Rolodex sat in my 

"Office/Sewing Room/Craft Room" 

for quite awhile until this week when I remembered we had a wedding to attend on Saturday. {We've already gotten a gift from their registry but I thought this would be a cute addition.}

Out came the Rolodex and a stash of scrapbooking paper!  {This is the paper I used waaaaayyy back on this project}. 

Referencing Suzanne's tutorial, I whipped a Birthday Calendar up in no time!
I first created a Word document with the name of the months on it so I could punch them out with my circle punch.  

The font I used is called: 

{ Pea Smashtastic Doodles }

You can find it over at Kevin & Amanda

Then I used my little Xyron and made the white month circles into stickers and attached them to patterned scalloped circles.

Like Suzanne I punched two holes in the bottom of the cardstock divider and cut a wide slot for the paper to fit on the Rolodex track. 

I found that by only cutting a skinny slit my dividers didn't want to move very freely so I just made the slit wider. :)

I know we all use Facebook, cellphone calendars, online calendars etc. to remember birthdays, but I like to also have something physical my hands can touch and I can write in!  

And come on...... it's cute!

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  1. That's so cute! I haven't gotten into paper crafts (yet); this must be handy when you have a majillion birthdays to keep track of. :)


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