Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Family Affair

I just have to say that this trio of artist {mom & two daughters} sure have A LOT of talent! There's so many great things in their shop from purses to afghans to wall hangings! AND right now 3 Stitch Creations is having a

BOGO half off sale plus FREE shipping to USA residents!

How awesome is that? Go and see all those goodies!

{BTW love the Cotton Candy Pink Purse!!}

Your Name
- Nancy Stout(Mom), Marci Parker(Big Sister) and Megan
Barley(Little Sister)

Location - Reynoldsburg, Ohio

Etsy Store Address - 3stitchcreations.etsy.com

Facebook, Twitter, etc. address - www.facebook.com/3stitchcreations

What Etsy groups do you belong to?
Quiltsy Team, have applied to TeamColumbus and CreateCrochet Team

What is your craft?
Being a family effort we have many talents to bring. Nancy creates crocheted afghans, Marci contributes machine embroidery and Marci & Megan both bring quilting and sewing creations like quilts, bags and seasonal items to the mix.

How did you start doing what you do?
Mom passed on the love of sewing while the girls were young, then Marci and Megan both spread out on their own to expand their experience and passions.

What part of your work do you most enjoy?
Working with people we love.

What part of your work do you find the hardest?
Getting ideas from the head to reality and having it match.

Where do you get/find your inspiration?
Many places - nature, events, people, holidays...

What are the three most favorite items in your store right now?

What is the best advice you have received?
Take advice. We each are limited in what we think and how we see things, it takes others input sometimes to see the best possible solution or change that needs made. Always be open to criticism.

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