Thursday, September 3, 2009

Help Me Decide

So, my daughter really likes to color. A lot. And I love to buy crayons. It's incredibly satisfying to open up that 24-count Crayola box and see all those fabulous crayons lined up and unused.

And what about those fun names they have. I love crayon names.

Who has that job

The one where ya get to make up crayon names? Let me know, 'cause I want to apply for the position. :)

So, the daughter and crayons. I want to get her a cute carrying case to store all those crayons -- like Apricot, Dandelion, and even Lemon Lime Zing .

Like this cute wallet from Bits n' Pieces, etc. shop.

Or this one at Sew Fantastic shop.

Or even this little fabric bucket at Mom N Mia Quilts shop.

I just need help deciding. They are all fun and my daughter's crayons would love to have a new home. (They aren't too keen on hanging out in the plastic baggie I keep them in.)

Decisions, decisions.

Any help????? Just leave me a comment and let me know which one ya love the best. :)

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