Wednesday, September 23, 2009


D. Alexis Designs

Fall is here and the air is cool and crisp. It that time again. Get out your coats, hats, gloves and


Oh, you haven't heard? Dinosaurs are all the rage. There's a new show on we've been watching called 'Dinosaur Train' and it's all about dinosaurs~ when they lived, what they ate, how tall they were. I'm afraid if I showed my daughter a picture of these scarves she will want one. NOW.

Did I mention D. Alexis Designs is the creator of these, the cutest kids scarves {and blankets} ever??

You're not going to have to beg your child to bundle up when they have a scarf from this shop! These are no ordinary scarves. These are one-of-a-kind folks.

These scarves and blankets look so soft and cuddly. Hmmm....wonder what my neighbor's would think if I sported that cute striped one??? :)

{And just because you only see a few in the shop I'm sure you could order one or two no problem! Just ask! Now....Go take a look!}

Dorian Stewart

Location: Toledo,OH

Etsy Shop Address:

Facebook, Twitter, etc, accounts: I know it's crazy but I do not have a Facebook or a twitter. I do blog a little. Here's the address:

What Etsy groups do you belong to?
I do not belong to any groups but I would eventually love to start a group in my home town.

What is your craft?
Right now my favorite craft is to design animal scarfs. I'm working on some new ones.

How did you start doing what you do?
I always have designed characters and graphics but I never thought to incorporate my designs into other things until last year. I saw a pattern for a bunny scarf in a book and I started to make and sell those.
One of my buyers asked me if I made a design for little boys. I designed my dinosaur scarf for her and she loved it. Now, I always try to make my designs into something functional.

What part of your work do you most enjoy?
I just love creating something in my head and actually being able to see it in front of my eyes after I make it. Every time I make something I always think that the design is just ok,but to have someone buy it and enjoy it in their life is quite fulfilling.

{Dinosaur Blanket}

What do you find the hardest about your work?
I'm a perfectionist so If I mess up sewing just a little bit, I have to start over. It's so annoying but my customers deserve quality work.

Where do you get/find your inspiration?
I know it's cheesy but my mother always inspires me because she has such great taste and she encourages me to design. I take my mothers style and my love for basically geeky stuff and make my own design. I call it chic but dorky.

What are your three most favorite items in your shop right now?
My favorite items in my shop are my dinosaur scarf and dino blanket, because they are the only things I have in my shop! :)

What is the best advice you've received?
The best advice I have received regarding my Etsy shop is to improve my pictures. Your pictures should reflect the love and effort it takes to make your items.

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