Friday, September 4, 2009

Great Tankini!

In July I was forced to put on a swimsuit for my daughter's swimming lessons because she was just crying and crying and crying and wouldn't do a thing. (Silly girl)

I figured if I got in with her things would be better. They were! She blew bubbles, went under the water, and made 'big circles' with her arms.

But back to the swimming suit issue. It's been years since I bought a swimsuit.

Now, I've always been thin but after having two babies in three years and turning 40...let's just say I'm not as happy with my figure as I used to be.

I search for two days for a one piece at every store.


Sure, I could put on a BIKINI since there seemed to be plenty of those left over....NOT!!

I was utterly distressed and confused. Growing up in Las Vegas I could go to the mall in December and find hundreds of suits!

Sigh. No such luck in northern Utah.

I turned to the Internet and found a wonderful site called Lime Ricki.

Can you say 'Hellooooo Darling Swimsuits'????
Love them!

This is the one I ended up purchasing and it got here lickity split! I actually ENJOY wearing it. It's comfy and modest and PINK!

(Tankini top and bottoms are purchased separately.
You can get whatever color bottoms you want!)

I only had to wear my old suit a couple of times before I showed up at the pool in this spiffy suit!

The great news is that Lime Ricki is having a Labor Day sale
(20% off your order)
now through Monday the 7th. Just enter LABORDAY when you check out and you're good to go!

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