Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eye Candy

I don't know what happened but this Featured Artist was supposed to be featured Thursday AM. I just looked and this post was not there.

Sorry Ana!

Anywho... I'm wishing I lived in the UK. I'd get FREE SHIPPING with any purchase! Actually, I think Ana's creations are worth the shipping fees no matter what! And if you like the jewelry in her shop but maybe want a different color than is listed go ahead and contact her and ask about it. She just may have it!

Did I mention her photos are A.MAY.ZING??? Just check them out.


Your Name:

Location: London, UK

Etsy Store Address:
Facebook, Twitter, etc. address:

What Etsy groups do you belong to?
Etsy Artist Lounge, although I haven't been active for many months now. The time difference makes it difficult.

What is your craft?
I design and make unique colourful jewellery.

How did you start doing what you do?
Jewellery making started as a way of releasing my creativity while traveling about 7 years ago. Taking paint and canvases didn't seem practical. It started as a hobby and soon turned into an obsession. New and exciting beads find me everywhere I travel.

What part of your work do you most enjoy?
I love everything about the process of making jewellery but the moment just before I starting a new piece when everything starts coming together is very exciting. I only make my jewellery in the best of moods and I try to put good thoughts and love into every creation.

What part of your work do you find the hardest?
I find it hardest to duplicate pieces. I get bored of it very quickly so most of my pieces are one of a kind.

Where do you get/find your inspiration?
I get inspired by nature, people, different shades of light, shapes, smells, conversations, the touch and colour of beads... The list is long! :)
What are the three most favorite items in your store right now?

What is the best advice you have received?
Every contact counts! By the time the credit crunch is over people want to know where to shop.

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